Selsey Skatepark

Represent the youth

Selsey Skatepark is a non-profit organisation based in West Sussex UK. We were contacted to help provide branding and the first content for their online presence. First we created the Selsey Skatepark logo. We created something clean, simple with bold colours in order to create impact across all platforms: their events, merchandise, marketing and press coverage. Combining a clean font with indentations to represent ramps and blue colours that represent the seaside and the surrounding towns branding, which was given a lighter tone to show the new and youth of the organisation. The next step was to generate their content. Granted access, we covered their events, taking photographs for their social media and creating marketing materials to get their event out to the community. We continue to work in partnership, creating interactive content for their social media and events. Visit Selsey Skatepark's Instagram to see more work. 


The final result was a successful launch, allowing Selsey Skatepark to impact it's community with a new identity and specific content that targets their audiences. Selsey Skatepark continues to create events, help the local community and grow as a brand.

"Our new logo positively promotes the message we wanted to convey, something new and bold for the local community. They also helped us condense our content and reach the right audiences from day one. Highly recommend and will use again!"
Selsey Skatepark


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