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We worked with Winky Lux to create a series of animated Instagram stories for their blog and product promotions. The idea was to create based off themes of the blogs, using memes or .gifs that were relevant. Winky Lux needed us to create something that showcased the freedom of Instagram stories but also kept relevant to their products, and branding. We compiled the elements of what made Instagram Stories captivating, bold colours, interactive prompts and a related .gif gave us the idea for an animated loop that engages the audience whilst viewing.


The final result was a series of animated .gifs that helped direct traffic toward Winky Lux's promotions. Since then, Winky Lux continues to use Instagram Stories and animations to promote products and articles.

"CM Designs is a pleasure to work with remotely. They are great with deadlines and understand directions and brand vision. They were able to create what I needed in no time and, provided a relief for our in house graphics team."
Nicole Hamilton, Content Manager


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