Selsey Vision

The Challenge

When Selsey Town and Chichester District Council approached us with their new community project, 'Selsey Vision,' we faced an inspiring challenge. Our task was to encapsulate Selsey's unique identity and its significance to the local community. We were tasked with creating a compelling branding and campaign video to connect with a broader audience, shedding light on what truly defines Selsey and the future impact of this innovative initiative.

Our Solution

In response to this multifaceted challenge, we embarked on a creative journey to give life to 'Selsey Vision.' Through meticulous design and storytelling, we crafted a distinct branding identity and an engaging campaign video. Our approach aimed to capture the essence of Selsey, weaving its rich history, vibrant present, and promising future into a narrative that resonated with both the local community and newcomers. We envisioned a campaign that not only celebrated Selsey's identity but also highlighted the transformative potential of 'Selsey Vision.'

The Result

The unique branding and compelling campaign video struck a chord with the local community and beyond, effectively encapsulating Selsey's identity and the forward-thinking spirit of 'Selsey Vision.' This project played a pivotal role in engaging a new audience and fostering a deeper connection between Selsey and its residents, setting the stage for a promising future under the banner of 'Selsey Vision.'


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Selsey Vision


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CM Designs transformed our social media presence, boosting engagement, sales, and earning us big praise from our community!

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David Alida

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CM Designs is incredibly skilled in design and branding. I highly recommend them and look forward to working together again!

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CM Designs is a pleasure to work with remotely. They easily met our deadlines and captured our brand vision effortlessly, providing a much-needed relief for our in-house graphics team.

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Nicole Hamilton

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CM Designs is incredible, delivering stunning artwork for my logo, website, and book covers with consistent high quality and excellent customer service; working with CM Designs is always a pleasant surprise, and I highly recommend their services without hesitation.

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Laura Vaisman

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